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Astro-Numerologist, KP Astrologer & Scientific Vaastu Practitioner

Sri Suniiel Naik is a professional Astro-Numerologist, KP Astrologer & Scientific Vaastu Practitioner, practicing out of Mumbai, for the past twenty-one years. He has guided and given consultations to more than 11,000 Natives all over the globe.

He is blessed with psychic powers and can read the minds of natives. He has given a number of predictions in the past which have come true. He has changed the lives of thousands of natives for their betterment and he has the distinction of saving people from suicidal tendencies, who are now leading good lives. Even complicated medical cases have been healed by him through the use of Numbers, Name power, Healing, Counselling, and guidance. A lot of people who have met him in the past with negative energy are today leading an improved and positive life.


Years Of

Sri Suniiel Naik's association with Numbers goes way back to 1983 when he started his career with the Tata's in the share registry department. Having been associated with the Tata's for more than 18 years, he quit that area of work and got associated with IBM as a consultant in the accounts department. Having put in more than 20 years of work experience with these two corporate houses, he was always surrounded by Numbers.

The numbers stayed with him and helped change his life path in 2000. After a thorough study of the science of numbers, Sri Suniiel Naik realized its immense power and started practicing this science. Since then, he has helped innumerable souls in their lives and developed a great client base. He has continued studying the occult further and today has mastered the Art of Astrology, Mantras, Yantras and scientific Vaastu along with numerology.

His intuition started developing after the age 40 and thereafter he devoted more than 18 hours a day in research and the effect of the names on individuals and in corporate sectors. Today after mastering the art of Name power he has changed the thousands of natives' life for good. Many problems of the natives have been solved with his healing abilities and intuitive power.

Sri Suniiel Naik is a number 2 person as per Numerology. Born on 29th June, he is a Cancerian with a destiny number 7. Destiny 7 people acquire clairvoyance and hypnotic powers. They can read people's mind as clearly as a book. Their intuitive powers increase after the age of 40, as has been the case with Sri Suniiel Naik.

Sri Suniiel Naik is a professional in this field for the past more than twenty-one years. He has given scientific name vibrations, lucky and strong numbers, guidance, and consultations to several film personalities, TV artists, Actors, Singers, Cricketers, Sports Persons, Doctors, Film Maker/Producers, CEOs, Film Houses, Export Houses, Individuals, Housewives, etc. Today he has guided more than 10,000 individual/names (individual, baby's name, brand name, film titles, and company names).

Sri Suniiel Naik is of opinion and believes that every name carries specific vibrations, and hence, says improperly spelt names could harm a person's health, wealth, education, career, relationships and prestige. The same rule applies for Brands, Company Names, City Names, Building Names or commonly used Words etc. He has proved number of times how improper vibrations in the Company Names have resulted in Closure of Corporates, famous Brands going off the shelves in no time. His advice to parents of the new born babies is that they should gift their babies a vibrant and potent name worked out in a scientific way for which he will guide his followers in finalising it. Similarly, parents can also seek guidance for their own names and can also get their Company Names audited. A stitch in time can indeed save nine.